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Halloween 2012

Dear Becca,

I just decided that I want to be you for Halloween next year and I want someone to be me and I want the two of us to walk around with our stick heads.

Wish me luck.



What is UP, BECCA!?

You are posting all kidns of wonderful things on tumblr right now and it's awesome. But mostly I just wanted to tell you that yesterday, Katie was all, "Your letters to Becca are sad." Haha.


The Chart!

Greetings, Rebecca!

I was reading Scott Pilgrim this weekend (I won't bother telling you how much better the books are than the movie, and thank god I watched the movie first), and you know what they have in the beginning of one of the books? A chart. Yep. That kind of chart. And I was like, "Awwwwwww ahahahahaha why am I aw-ing oh my god the chart is DIRTY." Wait, that last part shouldn't be in the quote. Okay whatever. A chart. It's kinda cuter than ours, because it has little drawings and doodles all over it. I really wanna dig that thing up now. Unfortunately I only have the group appropriate version. I think.

That would be all.


Personal Achievement

Dear Becca,

I'm listening to Loro and I'm *not* crying!

It doesn't mean I don't care about you!



A Poem

Dear Becca,

I got this sandwich for us to share,
but I ate it all since you were not there.

The End


PS. It was chicken/havarti/apple/pesto/delicious.

PSS. This is fucking scary.

Carissa's Weird!


Good job leaving just in time to miss their "first new material in over seven years." Maybe if you have internets, you can hear it. Here.


What the hell, Becca! My saved draft from yesterday is EMPTY. WHAT DID YOU DO!?

Whatever. I guess it's not important. I just went off on this rant about songs that I hate, sparked by a video that I didn't watch which involved children dancing and Outkast's Hey Ya.

So hey, at some point you should watch this Mariachi band serenading a beluga whale.

Alright. Unrelated! Here is a thing that happened that was neat!! Yesterday I watched the new video for Best Coast's Our Deal. I wont tell you what I really think about it because I don't wanna hurt Drew Barrymore's feelings if she reads my blog. But the result of this was me having that song in my head all day. So I get to my car to leave work at the end of the day, and I'm feeling sooooo lazy, but I really want to listen to that song, right? Yes. Right. But oh my god, the lazy. I would have had to scroll through artists and omg I just wanted to go home and blaaaaah. So I was like fuck it. Shuffle. AND OUT OF THE 2,500* SONGS ON MY IPOD, YOU KNOW WHAT ONE SONG COMES ON? Ayup. Neat.

*I made up that number. But it's probably kinda accurate.

Kay. That's all I got.


Resurrection, I said.

Dear Becca,

Yes, I will start writing to you again. And you will love it.




I just want to take my 90s Tori and a big blank book out into the sun and stay there until it's too dark to see.

The end.


This has all happened before.

I feel like everything I've said, I've said before, and everything I think, I've thought before. Makes me want to think harder before I speak, but what fucking good will that do, when I don't remember anything anyway.

I was reading something I wrote, and I didn't really remember where I was going with it, and then I read this one line that totally caught me by surprise and I, like, yes obviously this is going to sound dirty but it's really not—I totally reacted, like, physically to it—and then, in the thing I had written, I stopped and explained THE EXACT PHYSICAL REACTION THAT I JUST HAD, which I was ALSO not expecting, and I was just like, whoa.